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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Meme - Day 28. and the Adventures of Bobby the Ram, Part 2

Day 28 - First favorite book or series obsession

Probably the Chronicles of Narnia and the Swallows and Amazons books, as previously blogged.  I was about five when I started reading them.

That wasn't very interesting, was it?

So without further ado I will update the adventures of Bobby the Ram.  Our hero was last seen on the top of Mount Ainslie.  He enjoyed the rest of his time with us in Canberra (or, as I just mistyped it, Canberaaaa).
He listened to music (I think it was Linkin Park).
He drank long cool drinks (it's a lemon lime and bitters, don't worry, he is not being corrupted by us!)

He indulged in a spot of photo bombing.  (Black Mountain Tower, I think).
He very carefully coloured within the lines.
He met some metal creatures that appeared to be sheeplike.  Both he and Momo the Lemur were dubious, but posed bravely in the winter sunshine.

Then we went home to Melbourne.  On the drive through the Monaro Plains, near Cooma, he stopped to check out some local talent.  Thought they were quite cute, but decided that the urban environment was rather more him, really, so off to Melbourne we went.

And he has settled in nicely, is a real family animal, and occasionally gets to go out and do things.  He's content.  And we love him.


2paw said...

Bobby certainly gets about, doesn't he??!!
Oh yes, Narnia, one of my all time favourites too!!

Roxie said...

Oh, Bobby, you roving ram! It looks as if you have found a wonderful home, with drinks and entertainment laid on, and the best of companions. You did well to run away to Oz!

I was 23 when I discovered Narnia. Read them all in one mind-bending week and was as serene as yogi for months!