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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Book Meme - Day 20

Day 20 - Favorite kiss

Vera Brittain, Testament of Youth, when Roland first kisses her, either on a train or a platform, I think it was a train.  It is so full of unrequited passion and horrible things to come, and every time I read it (and I have read it, and Chronicle of Youth, over and over again) I weep.


Baby Bear is holed up at home with severe tonsillitis (since last Monday).  Fortunately she does not get it very often but when she does, it knocks her out for at least two weeks.  A pity, she was meant to be singing at a concert tonight, and can't.  At least I no longer have to listen to less wonderful VCE students murdering music.

Fab day out on Monday.  More of that later, there is a more suitable themed Book Meme day for what I am thinking about.

Still knitting kitchen towels out of leftover cotton yarns.  Completely destroyed the whole reduce, reuse, recycle thing, though, by buying yarn for another two pairs of socks, and a bamboo wrap.  I have more sock yarn than will fit in the sock yarn box.  You;d think that would tell me something!

I am noticing that this blog has veered away from craft and towards books in recent times.  I guess I am reading more and crafting less.  Or doing a lesser variety of craft.  This will not be a permanent state of affairs.  I have ideas brewing in the background.  I have just lost the mojo a bit in recent months, but I know it is just on a backburner rather than gone away forever.

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2paw said...

Well there might eb some sewing??!!! ON TV my favourite kiss is the one at the end of North and South at the train station. When he gives her the rose from her old home. Sigh.
Sore throats and tonsils is going around at the moment. I remember well having to listen to 5 and 6 year olds dancing and singing when I went to see my friends' children at the Competitions. That's friendship!!!
I'm pretty sure sock wool doesn't count!!!