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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Book Meme - Day 21

Day 21 - Favorite romantic/sexual relationship (including asexual romantic relationships)

I'm in a sci-fi state of mind .... (to be sung to the tune of I;m in a New York State of Mind, Billy Joel).

I;m going to cheat here - these are only books as an afterthought, they are really television series, but after breathing in some air from WorldCon yesterday (I didn't have a ticket but was meeting a friend outside), I am definitely in a sci-fi frame of mind.

Captain Jack from Torchwood and pretty much every man, woman and alien he ever comes across in any world, planet or time era.  Who couldn't love him?

And Dr Who and Rose Tyler.  The only time he even came close to saying 'I love you'.


I didn't go to WorldCon owing to a severe lack of planning ability, but did meet up with Deborah who was down from Sydney, and we had the best time!!!  Discovered just how much we had in common, and talked nonstop for at least three hours.  I also got to read her timetable thingy and realise just how much fun I had missed out on:(  But then it is hard for me to plan even a day ahead, what with unpredictable kids and so on.

  I am still reeling at the thought that I have booked a bead embroidery class for one afternoon in November.  What dread disasters will await me then?  I also feel that I am cheating a bit with this class, it is for beginners and I am actually very experienced at bead embroidery, but the teacher does a technique that I want to pick her brains on (that the class is actually going to learn), and it wouldn't be the first time I have taken a beginners' class in a technique because I have wanted to learn extra tips from an acknowledged master in the field.  Whenever that has happened they have always been very happy for me to steam ahead at my own pace.  So please, whatever or whoever manages these things, let there be no disasters on that day!

Taking Baby Bear back to the doctor today.  It is nearly two weeks and she is still not well.  The tonsils are going down but her asthma is spiralling out of control.  I am dreading this because I could not get our good, wonderful, worship the ground he walks on GP today, but a new GP who is a nice person but, the only three times I have taken someone to see him, he has flicked us on to casualty.  Twice with Wombat, once with George in an ambulance.  I am just dreading what he will say today!  Will he break the run and just say that she needs a bit more time to get better?  Or will I spend another ten hours at the Monash Medical CEntre wondering when I am going to be charged with having Munchausens by Proxy?

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2paw said...

Yes, agree 100% about Captain Jack!!!
I would love to go to a Con too, but it will never happen unless it is here!!
The germs seem to be lingering a lot. Even after all our rain, which my mum vows and declares, blows germs away!!