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Friday, November 24, 2006

A Finished Knitted Object That is not a Sock!!!

This is the cardigan I have just finished. (Actually, looking at mine next to the picture of the real thing, I realise that I have made a mistake in the sewing up which will require fifteen minutes rectification).
It's the cabled cardigan by Norah Gaughan (whose designs I love) from Vigue Knitting Fall 2006. Instead of knitting it in a wool/alpaca mix which I would never be cold enough to wear, I used the cotton/acrylic mix I have mentioned before, Stonewash by Elle. I'm not sure how many balls I used (me bad). It was a surprisingly quick knit, the scarf thing round the front took the longest.
The mistake is that the scarf was supposed to not be attached from where the ribbing starts, and I obviously got carried away and sewed it all the way. I will sort that out this afternoon as I think it will look better.
It fits me now, which I wasn't expecting, but will look even better as I lose more weight!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm an Idiot

And a moron, and complete dipstick... Guess what I did last night, I let Wombat's bath runneth over! And over, and over, and over... My weak excuse is that I was talking to George and he distracted me and made me forget, but that's a pathetic excuse really because i ought to have the brain cells to remember something like a running bath!

It flooded - the bathroom, the passageway outside the bathroom, half of Wombat's room, the family room and the first few feet of the loungeroom. The bathroom is tiled and just required a lot of mopping. The family room is slate and also required a lot of mopping, but unfortunately there was a lot of my sewing stuff on the floor waiting to be sorted out. Nothing lost, fortunately, but now it's all in the loungeroom waiting to be sorted out. We sucked up as much water from the carpets as possible with a Vax. Wombat's room had been needing a thorough going over for a LONG time, it was like a toxic waste dump, so it has at least given us the excuse to clear it totally, through half the rubbish out (it really is rubbish, broken bits of toys and things), and possibly even repaint it.

George called in some people to dry the carpets professionally, and then someone is going to replace the underlays in the affected areas. We aren't going to replace the carpets at this stage, they are ancient and horrible and the whole lot needs replacing, but not right now.

These lovely people, by the way, are the type who also clean up after dead bodies and things. Presumably some disgusting old wet carpet will not seem like much of a challenge to them!

All this at the end of a stinking hot day when I had spent hours running around on public transport to medical appointments, had my first fill into my lapband which involves a horse syringe being inserted into my abdominal wall and leaves you feeling like you have kicked by the horse just under the rubs, got dehydrated in the heat, and arrived home feeling exhausted and sore. Then I had to spend two hours mopping and Vaxing! (Everyone else helped too). Consequently the fill site still hurts today (I don't think that is supposed to happen, but neither are you expected to do two hours hard physical labour straight afterwards!) as does my back and joints.

And you have to go easy after a fill, so all I had to 'eat' last night was some chicken consomme (very yummy) and a low fat yoghurt this morning. In about an hour I am going to try some thicker vegie soup, and tonight I will try some pasta. If all that works it is back to 'normal' eating and hope that the weight loss continues! I saw someone today who I haven't seen for a month (who knows about the op) and she exclaimed 'You've lost so much weight since I last saw you!' I told her she was wonderful!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Saturday Sky

I thought I was going to be posting yet another perfect sunny sky, but by the time I got home from shopping it had clouded over a bit. It was still quite warm though - it was about 26C when I got home at 3 o'clock, funny to think that on Wednesday it barely reached 11C! Yes, we Melbournians are obsessed with the weather, it changes so much that we always have something to talk about!
There was another working bee at the school to get the environmental garden project as close to completion as possible. Most of the heavy labour has been done by George, our good friend R who is the project manager, and a couple of other dedicated dads. It was good to see quite a lot of other parents there yesterday. Much to my disgust George is over there AGAIN cleaning up with R and a couple of others. I am getting a little sick of the amount of time he is putting into it - added to the fact that he is President of the School Council, and Treasurer of our Church. It is good to be involved in the community (I am just on the Education Committee at school, I used to do a lot more but gradually pulled back on my committments when they got rather overwhelming) but some family time would be nice too, especially considering that he works a good 50 to 60 hours a week at his 'real' job and is committed to being a hands-on father and husband. I worry that he will just collapse with exhaustion at some point.
The kids had a swim afterwards - our two and R's two youngest - but it still isn't quite warm enough for me to go in. Maybe tomorrow - it is forecast to be 31C today and 33C tomorrow, so the solar heating should be doing its job and heating the water up nicely by now. I am a wimp about cold water and it has to be a minimum temperature for me to go in, unlike the kids who don't seem to care!

Friday, November 17, 2006

No pics today

I've run out of textile pics to show off and I haven't got any knitting pics because my current two projects are 'in progress'. On the upside, one of those projects is an actual garment that is not a sock, that is for me, and only has one and a bit sleeves and sewing up to go! I have been dipping in and out of making a Diamond Patch jumper for about eighteen months or longer, in a nice cotton/acrylic mixture that is very washed out denim blue and looks like linen. I enjoyed knitting it, but only in small quanitities at a time. I picked it up a few weeks ago and realised that, now I have had this operation, no matter if I don;t lose astronomical amounts of weight, it was going to be several sizes too big. I didn't have the patience to frog it and start again (especially as it is modular so I would have been left with a million small balls), so I checked how much I had left in full balls, which was quite a few, and at the same time the latest Vogue Knitting had arrived and I had fallen in love with a cardigan pattern. And I realised that for once I stood a chance of fitting into a Vogue knitting pattern, even if it was their idea of a Plus Size and I won't be able to wear it till the winter (at the rate I am losing weight, which I am quite happy with). I should point out that Vogue Knitting's idea of a Plus Size is not exactly huge. I thought I would have to fiddle around with the pattern, as I was going to knit it in a totally different yarn, but I got gauge first time!

There will be pics when it is finished.

The other project is the ubiquitous pair of socks. I don't think I have photographed the last few pairs I have made. Maybe there should be a photo shoot soon.

I have had a grumpy week, which is why the knitting has progressed on the cardigan has progressed so fast. It;s cold, which I don;t normally don't mind, but our central heating is on the blink and it is taking the lovely manufactureres who shall be nameless three weeks to get a serviceman out to us. We are making do with jumpers and two ancient fan heaters that use up so much electricity that I cringe every time I turn one of. The welling has gone down on my stomach - good news, you might think, but it means that Ia m eating too much again. I have my first fill next week and that should help, in them eantime my weight loss is slowing down to a snail's pace and I am feeling guilty about overeating. I am trying to exercise but the cold really got to me! Plus I have had a sick kid at home most of the week coughing as though she has TB.

At least it means I have spent a lot of time knitting!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Saturday Sky

Another perfect spring day in Melbourne. Sun shining, no clouds. It clouded over later on in the day and got humid and close, but this was taken mid-morning. Trouble is, what we really need is rain!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

As Christmas presents within our class, we each had to decorate a paper bag with a portrait of the recipient (names drawn out of a hat),, and include little parcels of craft stuff that we had lying around at home - strict instructions NOT to spend money. Some people can draw brilliant portraits. Some people can draw reasonably recognizable portraits. Some people are bad at drawing and are smart alecs so they do a bad imitation of Picasso. I'm glad to say that the recipient of the fake Picasso was increibly thrilled with her picture! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Our Mural

I think we are pretty clever, really! It's hard to photograph the whole thing and still leave it possible to see the details, but if you click on it you should be able to see a bigger picture (I hope!) Posted by Picasa

My Contribution to our Mural

Well, we had our last day for the year at TAFE yesterday. We got to go and look at the Second Years' body of work for the year and it was so exciting! I wanted to start Second Year right away!

Our final project for the year was a collaborative mural. This is my panel of it. When I have downloaded yesterday's photos I will post a picture of the whole thing, though at the time it was just propped up on a table rather than properly hung! Some time next year it, and that done by the other First Year class, and the whole story about how we designed and made them, is going to appear in Textile Fibre Forum magazine, which is incredibly exciting. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 02, 2006

ISE Scarf

Just realised that I have forgotten to blog about my lovely ISE scarf.

It came from Julie, whose link I can't find offhand, and included a selection of the most gorgeous origami bookmarks and a cure pair of enamelled stitch markers that her son had made at school! The scarf itself is something soft and light and cuddly, possibly Kidsilk Haze or something like that, in pure white, and it has beads through it in shades of blues and greens that are just like the sea.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Healesville Sanctuary

We went to Healesville Sanctuary on Monday, to show off native Australian animals to an English friend who is visiting. It was a beautiful day. The Sanctuary is in a lovely bush setting and runs many important breeding and rescue programs, as well as having the animals on display in as natural a surrounding as is feasible for the breed. Highly recommended! Posted by Picasa