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Friday, November 17, 2006

No pics today

I've run out of textile pics to show off and I haven't got any knitting pics because my current two projects are 'in progress'. On the upside, one of those projects is an actual garment that is not a sock, that is for me, and only has one and a bit sleeves and sewing up to go! I have been dipping in and out of making a Diamond Patch jumper for about eighteen months or longer, in a nice cotton/acrylic mixture that is very washed out denim blue and looks like linen. I enjoyed knitting it, but only in small quanitities at a time. I picked it up a few weeks ago and realised that, now I have had this operation, no matter if I don;t lose astronomical amounts of weight, it was going to be several sizes too big. I didn't have the patience to frog it and start again (especially as it is modular so I would have been left with a million small balls), so I checked how much I had left in full balls, which was quite a few, and at the same time the latest Vogue Knitting had arrived and I had fallen in love with a cardigan pattern. And I realised that for once I stood a chance of fitting into a Vogue knitting pattern, even if it was their idea of a Plus Size and I won't be able to wear it till the winter (at the rate I am losing weight, which I am quite happy with). I should point out that Vogue Knitting's idea of a Plus Size is not exactly huge. I thought I would have to fiddle around with the pattern, as I was going to knit it in a totally different yarn, but I got gauge first time!

There will be pics when it is finished.

The other project is the ubiquitous pair of socks. I don't think I have photographed the last few pairs I have made. Maybe there should be a photo shoot soon.

I have had a grumpy week, which is why the knitting has progressed on the cardigan has progressed so fast. It;s cold, which I don;t normally don't mind, but our central heating is on the blink and it is taking the lovely manufactureres who shall be nameless three weeks to get a serviceman out to us. We are making do with jumpers and two ancient fan heaters that use up so much electricity that I cringe every time I turn one of. The welling has gone down on my stomach - good news, you might think, but it means that Ia m eating too much again. I have my first fill next week and that should help, in them eantime my weight loss is slowing down to a snail's pace and I am feeling guilty about overeating. I am trying to exercise but the cold really got to me! Plus I have had a sick kid at home most of the week coughing as though she has TB.

At least it means I have spent a lot of time knitting!

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Jejune said...

I look forward to seeing pics of your jumper and socks - are you goingt o finish the Diamond Patch one, or just jump over to the new Vogue cardy pattern?

Sorry I haven't been up on your goings on of late - I was interested to read about your sleep study and the sleep apnoea results. I did that sleep test too - yeah, barely slept, only they didn't get any conclusive results, apart from saying they didn't think I had it. Horrible night. Glad you're getting some definite improvements from the machine, and the surgery :)