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Friday, November 24, 2006

A Finished Knitted Object That is not a Sock!!!

This is the cardigan I have just finished. (Actually, looking at mine next to the picture of the real thing, I realise that I have made a mistake in the sewing up which will require fifteen minutes rectification).
It's the cabled cardigan by Norah Gaughan (whose designs I love) from Vigue Knitting Fall 2006. Instead of knitting it in a wool/alpaca mix which I would never be cold enough to wear, I used the cotton/acrylic mix I have mentioned before, Stonewash by Elle. I'm not sure how many balls I used (me bad). It was a surprisingly quick knit, the scarf thing round the front took the longest.
The mistake is that the scarf was supposed to not be attached from where the ribbing starts, and I obviously got carried away and sewed it all the way. I will sort that out this afternoon as I think it will look better.
It fits me now, which I wasn't expecting, but will look even better as I lose more weight!


Jejune said...

I love it - it's one of the designs that um, encouraged me to buy that copy of Vogue... I really like the asymmetrical / quirky design, and am in love with cables too. You've done a great job - lovely colour too!

Taphophile said...

Ah that Norah Gaughan's a clever woman - so love what she does. Yours, Judy, has turned out beautifully. Do we get to see it modelled?