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Monday, December 04, 2006

Saturday Sky

A little late, perhaps! Baby Bear took this at a friend's place in Olinda in the Dandenong Ranges on Saturday evening, this is the view from their back verandah and it is just stunning.

We had a weekend of running hither and yon. Grocery and Christmas shopping on Saturday for me, then Baby Bear had this sleepover birthday party (far more convenient for them to be sleepovers when it is a half hour drive into the back of beyond to pick them up!) She did unusually well for a sleepovers - I believe she got a whole five hours sleep this time!

Sunday we went to church (the steeple was not struck by lightning), returned a pair of trousers I had bought for Baby Bear that were a size too small (and I was feeling irritable enough to lecture the little shop assistant about their stated no returns, no refunds policy, and suggested her boss read some consumer law - I know I was shooting the messenger but it REALLY ANNOYS me). Then a pretty drive 'into the woods' (as Wombat always calls it) to pick up Baby Bear, and a visit to Knox because George needed to buy a torque wrench - which he ended up getting much later in the day, elsewhere, but we had lunch and a good time in Borders. George picked out a book he would like for Christmas, WOmbat found a new Simpsons book, Baby Bear chose a CD of some band I have never heard of, and I bought Debbie Stoller's The Happy Hooker (and some paperbacks of the 3 for the price of 2 type, which I nearly always do in Borders). I had sworn never to buy any of Debbie Stoller's books as I dislike most of the patterns and the writing style, I have been searching high and low for a particular type of crocheted, short-sleeved, cropped cardigan/bolero thing, and the pattern in the book was the nearest I have come to finding the right one! And I think I have enough of the Elle Stonewash left over from the Norah Gaughan cardigan to whip one up. Plus it had a Stitch Diva pattern in it that I have been lusting after for ages that in the official pattern only comes in really small sizes but in the book came in realistic sizes (I am not confident to alter crochet patterns like I could with a knitting pattern).

Then Baby Bear had to be taken off for a three hour choir practice - she auditioned for a special choir that the school is taking to Chengdu in China next April to sing at The Festival of the Giant Panda. THEN George flew off to Adelaide to speak at a conference.

Is it any wonder I fell into bed last night feeling a little worn out!

On the upside, George is back tonight, and Wombat is finally going back to school after a week off sick. I have the house to myself for at least a little while. Oh, the sound of peace when I come home from school! Posted by Picasa

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THE Baby Bear said...

The Cd is by a band called Little Birdy Mum!!!
you can cross that off the Xmas list btw...(I would really like the My Chemical Romance Cd... The Black Parade for Xmas though!)