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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

W is for Wool

Well, it would be, wouldn't it!

Clockwise from top left:

Handspun (badly overspun!) and dyed with lemon-scented gum.

Trinket by Kim Hargreaves, knitted in Kid SilkHaze (unfinished then, and I fear still unfinished - all I have to do is cast off the last beaded edge, but I shoved it away at the start of the winter at forgot about it! Never mind, next winter. I made it shorter than the pattern, oinly using two balls out of the three, because to my disappointment it was too itchy to wrap around my neck so I will have to wear it loose. What can I do with one ball of pink KSH, I wonder?)

Socks made from hand-dyed (by me) Patonyle, dyed in the ball so that the darkest colours are on the foot and they lighten as the socks works its way up the leg (knitted toe-up).

More of the same, Patonyle that I dyed in the ball. Posted by Picasa

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