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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Yeah, so I seem not to have blogged since July. I could use uni as an excuse but I think I just lost the energy to blog regularly. I am going to attempt to come back a bit now. Even worse, I pretty much stopped reading blogs too. Making and reading brief Facebook entries was about as far as I got with keeping up with the whole electronic media thing.

Uni is almost over, one last exam in three weeks. It's been a steep learning curve, as of course university is supposed to be. It has been hard to accept that History, which I have an Honours degree in from the past, is taught totally differently these days and I can no longer write the good history essay which I used to dash off easily. Literature has been great fun though. I think my plan for next year needs to incorporate the mantra 'Answer the ****** Question' when I write essays and exam answers - I have an alarming tendency to answer the question I want it to be rather than necessarily the question as it is written down!!

Possibly, to keep the blog rolling along, I should take a photo of the cover of every Lit book I study next year and post it :)

I've also managed to get to Fibre Forum again this year, this time to do hand embroidery with Carolyn Sullivan, who was a generous and entertaining teacher. I have no photos to show of that yet, not really - a number of photos I took for inspiration for the embroidery, but not the embroidery itself. That will follow in due course.

I continue to knit, slowly, and have developed a passion for laceweight stuff. Again, pictures to follow in due course.

Here's a few randomish photos to add some colour :)

Sirius wrapped up warmly on a cold night. There is a heater on the wall right above her!

This is a bowl of pansies, with a silly Halloween effect added to it.

This is a thoroughly sensible bowl of pansies :)

There was a heavy hailstorm a while ago. It sounded like gunfire on the roof.

And this cutie is called Fritz, who came to Fibre Forum to help his mum sell stuff. He was very affable and reminded me how much I love greyhounds.

And I have just realised that I seem to have nuked my list of blogs that I read. I think I got impatient with my computer and pressed something incorrect :( It will return. Hopefully I will be able to find everyone I want to read, once again, and maybe discover some new people!