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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Creative Space

Posted by PicasaI haven't done a Knit Along (KAL) for yonks, and in fact I don't think I have ever finished one really!  This one attracted me because of its freeform, oddball nature.  See Jane Thornley's site here to see what it is about, and while you are there, have a browse - even if you don't knit, or don't like stuff like hers, the site is a riot of colour and texture and FUN!!!

From top to bottom - the collection of yarns that I grabbed to make the freeform vest - mostly purples with touches of greens and other colours.  And a variety of textures, too.  I may not use them all, but I like to pick a palette and work from it, picking them out from the pile as I go.

The first couple of inches - a chenille yarn (from Lincraft I think - most of these yarns have been maturing in the stash for quite a while, and not many are complete balls) and moss stitch.  Jane recommends moss stitch (only she calls in seed stitch) as good foundation stitch because it adds strength to the overall construction, and I have to say that I like that idea.

And then more progress.  As you can see I moved on from the chenille yarn to a bit of leftover Lincraft Prism, to some stuff I picked up in the Bendigo Woollen Mills backroom years ago with a boucle thread in black and brightly coloured slubby stuff wound in with it.  And in that picture you can barely see it, as I had only knitted about two rows, but now I am using remnants of a yarn I spun and dyed myself several years ago, which will make up the rest of the back.  I am almost up to the neckline now and will post more progress pictures next week.

To see more creative spaces, please pop over here for a riot of colour and amusement.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Me-Made-June Week 3

Another chilly week.  But not quite as bad as last week!  It did however start with a scarf.

This is knitted from Lincraft Prism and is 70% wool and 30% soysilk.  The pattern is from Knitted Shawls, Stoles and Scarves by Nancie Wiseman and it can be knitted either as a shawl (my MIL has a lovely pink and purple one) or a scarf.

I had to get my favorite glass brooch in somewhere this month!

Then it was a wet day and I had to catch the tram to work, which means walking through a park (which is pretty at sunrise, but gives you wet feet), and so I wore waterproof shoes and carried office shoes in the felted bag I made for Me-Made-May. 

This brooch, made some years ago, sits on the lapel of a designer denim blazer that I bought in an op shop about the same time that I made the brooch. 

A cold Sunday meant hand knitted socks.  These are Jaywalkers knitted in a mixture of wool and cotton.

I've worn very little of my own jewellery this month, mostly because I have had the perfect opportunity to wear the handknits!!  But I did wear these green and blue coralled earrings.

And finally, as Arctic blasts assailed Melbourne, I wore my Fetchings, knitted from the same Prism yarn as the scarf at the start of this post.

I haven't been doing My Creative Spaces for the last couple of weeks, because of the planning and photographing, etc, of Me-Made-June.  but I am going to this week, because I am participating in a KAL (Knit-along, for those who are wondering) and I want to show some progress pictures, and it's pretty much what I have been working on all week.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Me-Made-June Week 2

It has been a cold and mostly wet week in Melbourne, so it's been all about the handknits.  First off the rank, beautiful underwater colours in Noro Kureyon in a vest.  This was knitted to a Patons pattern for Zhivago but is obviously a bit different - less drapey but much more beautiful.  I use a fake kilt pin to pin it together - fake because it came with a cheapy cardigan years ago and has fake diamantes on it, I think any self-respecting kilt would give it a Glasgow Kiss!

I got over the whole noveltry yarn phase a LONG time ago but I do seem to have hung onto this bluish fluffy thing, and it was quite nice on a bitterly cold morning. 

I made this scarf as a project when I was studying for my Diploma of Textile Art.  The brief was to do something with grapes.  I made this scarf!  The grapes are large, faceted acrylic beads, and there are knitted leaves needlefelted onto the crocheted scarf with twining vines, and dangly bits. 

Then it was Casual Friday, and a long weekend, and it wasn't a warm one at that.  So socks and an old jumper were very comfortable.  These are an Opal with a silver thread running through them, giving them a subtle glitz.

These two pairs are scrappy socks, made from leftovers from all the other socks I make.  I like scrappy socks!

And last but not least, an old favorite.  This is an old Rowan kit inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry, and I love it.  It is thick and heavy and warm and, by now, going slightly felted.  I started it a year before Baby Bear came along, and she is about to be 18.  (I finished it about six months after she arrived - there were periods in the middle when the brain couldn't cope!)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bead Journal Project May

Posted by PicasaI actually finished this just after the end of May but it was inevitable that I would fall at least slightly behind at some stage!

This was a lot more planned than April's and I actually think I prefer the more spontaneous look.  Though I am pleased with this, certainly.

The face is such a pretty, delicate one (from my collection bought from various vendors, sorry I can't acknowledge your beautiful work) that I wanted to use a similarly delicate found object with it.  And not to biuld up beads around the face like I usually do, but just to do one round.  the found object is a piece of fine wire that I found lying around that I twisted randomly.  When I had finished I decided that it looked vaguely like dragonfly wings and I thought of the creature from Pan's Labyrinth and that sort of informed what I was making.

It is finished with the usual encrusted edge. 

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Me-Made-June Week 1

So starteth Me-Made-June.  I upped the ante a little from Me-Made-March by vowing to try not to repeat any hand-made-by-me accessories or clothes during the month, and by making two new things to wear.  No repeats so far in the first week!  There may be some in the next few days as it is really cold now and the vest I am wearing today is very cosy, but I will only count it once and wear another things with it on the days I repeat it.

This scarf was made during MMM, I think, as was the one I wore later on in the week.  They are just lengths of chiffon zig-zagged around the edges to provide a quick and easy wardrobe boost.  I wore this with a green top slightly lighter than the olivey green leaves, and black trousers.

Day 2 saw these earrings, made from seed beads with a chip of Venetian glass at the top of each one.  The colours aren't great in this photo but they are all autumnal reds and greens and browns and oranges.  I can't remember what colour top I wore them with but I know I wore black trousers (well, I often do!)
Friday is Casual Day at work and I wore this Samurai Shirt that I made years ago.  So long ago that it was a lot of kilos ago, too.  Consequently it is rather too big.  I don't often get to say that!  I am going to try and insert a few discreet darts to make it slightly more shapely.  If I do manage to do that appropriately and soon, I will count it again for wearing this month because it will be, sort of, new/refashioned.  It's made in a blinding batik print that I picked up in Spotlight years ago.  It got me lots of compliments, which was nice!  Worn with black jeans for contrast.

The weekend was quite cold, so I wore handknitted socks both days.  These ones are a pretty stripy Opal I bought in Wangaratta one year, in a pattern of my own design - a very easy one admittedly, toe-up socks with the leg bit in feather-and-fan.  Because they are knitted from the toe-up, the feather-and-fan is upside down, which makes it a bit different.  (To say nothing of noice, and unusual...)

Sunday's socks were made from a wool and cotton mix, maybe Opal, maybe something else, I can't remember, but in pretty pastels.  Actually, you'd never guess they were clean, looking at them, I must have worn them in wet boots at some point and because they are so pale the bottoms stained!
And yesterday the idea was to wear this scarf with a white top, charcoal grey skirt and a new cardigan.  But it clashed with the cardigan (which looked great with the skirt - a printed lace-like pattern in dark beige on a cream background, and trimmed with lace and diamante buttons, which sounds awful but looked very pretty - this is the cardigan, not the skirt, which is also very pretty in a flirty French sort of way) so I ended up tying it onto my bag instead.  I used to wear silks scarves tied to my bag in London in the mid 1980s.  Maybe I could reintroduce the fashion!!

As for the making two things to wear this month - well, the cowl I showed in my Creative Space a couple of weeks ago did not get finished until this month, so that is going to count as one.  (I started it in late March - can you tell I moved house during the making of it!)  And I am trying to repurpose two tops into one, but whether I wear it or not depends on if it looks better than it does at the moment!  It is only at an early stage but I frankly have my doubts.  Maybe darting the Samurai Shirt will do instead.  We shall see!