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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bead Journal Project May

Posted by PicasaI actually finished this just after the end of May but it was inevitable that I would fall at least slightly behind at some stage!

This was a lot more planned than April's and I actually think I prefer the more spontaneous look.  Though I am pleased with this, certainly.

The face is such a pretty, delicate one (from my collection bought from various vendors, sorry I can't acknowledge your beautiful work) that I wanted to use a similarly delicate found object with it.  And not to biuld up beads around the face like I usually do, but just to do one round.  the found object is a piece of fine wire that I found lying around that I twisted randomly.  When I had finished I decided that it looked vaguely like dragonfly wings and I thought of the creature from Pan's Labyrinth and that sort of informed what I was making.

It is finished with the usual encrusted edge. 


mrspao said...

What a beautiful project!

2paw said...

This seems quite different to your other beaded works, maybe it is the colours?? I like the face!!

char said...

I strolled back through your blog and looked at your other pieces again and I think this one fits well with the others. Each one has its own spirit showing through. Very nice.

Jackie said...

Thanks fr the comment. Yes you are still a 'no reply'. I don't know why. I clicked 'reply' and there it was 'no-reply'.
I don't know what you can do about it. Somewhere there must be a setting but I can't work out where it is!
nyway I love your little beaded piece..such patience, and I love the fabric in the picture below. It reminds me of the felt I made for one of my pieces! Colours and shapes and everything.

Robin said...

I see the delicate, twisted wire and beading as very complimentary to the face... It doesn't seem pre-planned at all to me, instead has a rather spontaneous feel to it. Although it's different than your other pieces, it belongs with them and has your individual style. Looking forward to seeing more!

Robin A.

catdownunder said...

The face looks peaceful!

karen said...

sooooo many beads...I spy the patience of a saint!

kaysim said...

I love the beautiful face and how you have surrounded her. Just lovely!