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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Me-Made-June Week 2

It has been a cold and mostly wet week in Melbourne, so it's been all about the handknits.  First off the rank, beautiful underwater colours in Noro Kureyon in a vest.  This was knitted to a Patons pattern for Zhivago but is obviously a bit different - less drapey but much more beautiful.  I use a fake kilt pin to pin it together - fake because it came with a cheapy cardigan years ago and has fake diamantes on it, I think any self-respecting kilt would give it a Glasgow Kiss!

I got over the whole noveltry yarn phase a LONG time ago but I do seem to have hung onto this bluish fluffy thing, and it was quite nice on a bitterly cold morning. 

I made this scarf as a project when I was studying for my Diploma of Textile Art.  The brief was to do something with grapes.  I made this scarf!  The grapes are large, faceted acrylic beads, and there are knitted leaves needlefelted onto the crocheted scarf with twining vines, and dangly bits. 

Then it was Casual Friday, and a long weekend, and it wasn't a warm one at that.  So socks and an old jumper were very comfortable.  These are an Opal with a silver thread running through them, giving them a subtle glitz.

These two pairs are scrappy socks, made from leftovers from all the other socks I make.  I like scrappy socks!

And last but not least, an old favorite.  This is an old Rowan kit inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry, and I love it.  It is thick and heavy and warm and, by now, going slightly felted.  I started it a year before Baby Bear came along, and she is about to be 18.  (I finished it about six months after she arrived - there were periods in the middle when the brain couldn't cope!)


karen said...

I know this post is about your knitting but may I say I love your bed linen!!

mrspao said...

It is rather weird reading about your winter weather when it is quite warm here!! Beautiful projects.

2paw said...

Oh my word, that Bayeux jumper is to die for!!!! Nice scrappy socks and you are right, it has been a very cold Winter!!