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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Me-Made-June Week 1

So starteth Me-Made-June.  I upped the ante a little from Me-Made-March by vowing to try not to repeat any hand-made-by-me accessories or clothes during the month, and by making two new things to wear.  No repeats so far in the first week!  There may be some in the next few days as it is really cold now and the vest I am wearing today is very cosy, but I will only count it once and wear another things with it on the days I repeat it.

This scarf was made during MMM, I think, as was the one I wore later on in the week.  They are just lengths of chiffon zig-zagged around the edges to provide a quick and easy wardrobe boost.  I wore this with a green top slightly lighter than the olivey green leaves, and black trousers.

Day 2 saw these earrings, made from seed beads with a chip of Venetian glass at the top of each one.  The colours aren't great in this photo but they are all autumnal reds and greens and browns and oranges.  I can't remember what colour top I wore them with but I know I wore black trousers (well, I often do!)
Friday is Casual Day at work and I wore this Samurai Shirt that I made years ago.  So long ago that it was a lot of kilos ago, too.  Consequently it is rather too big.  I don't often get to say that!  I am going to try and insert a few discreet darts to make it slightly more shapely.  If I do manage to do that appropriately and soon, I will count it again for wearing this month because it will be, sort of, new/refashioned.  It's made in a blinding batik print that I picked up in Spotlight years ago.  It got me lots of compliments, which was nice!  Worn with black jeans for contrast.

The weekend was quite cold, so I wore handknitted socks both days.  These ones are a pretty stripy Opal I bought in Wangaratta one year, in a pattern of my own design - a very easy one admittedly, toe-up socks with the leg bit in feather-and-fan.  Because they are knitted from the toe-up, the feather-and-fan is upside down, which makes it a bit different.  (To say nothing of noice, and unusual...)

Sunday's socks were made from a wool and cotton mix, maybe Opal, maybe something else, I can't remember, but in pretty pastels.  Actually, you'd never guess they were clean, looking at them, I must have worn them in wet boots at some point and because they are so pale the bottoms stained!
And yesterday the idea was to wear this scarf with a white top, charcoal grey skirt and a new cardigan.  But it clashed with the cardigan (which looked great with the skirt - a printed lace-like pattern in dark beige on a cream background, and trimmed with lace and diamante buttons, which sounds awful but looked very pretty - this is the cardigan, not the skirt, which is also very pretty in a flirty French sort of way) so I ended up tying it onto my bag instead.  I used to wear silks scarves tied to my bag in London in the mid 1980s.  Maybe I could reintroduce the fashion!!

As for the making two things to wear this month - well, the cowl I showed in my Creative Space a couple of weeks ago did not get finished until this month, so that is going to count as one.  (I started it in late March - can you tell I moved house during the making of it!)  And I am trying to repurpose two tops into one, but whether I wear it or not depends on if it looks better than it does at the moment!  It is only at an early stage but I frankly have my doubts.  Maybe darting the Samurai Shirt will do instead.  We shall see!


2paw said...

Oh, I love the way you've upped your ante!! That sounds wrong, but you know what I mean. Nice socks and excellent re-purposing of the shirt. I think it is very clever that you will be able to wear it twice!!

karen said...

love, love , love the socks!!!!

mrspao said...

Great makes :) You are very talented.