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Friday, December 29, 2006

Z is for Zhivago

I finished my alphabet! This is a new cardigan I have just finished in Zhivago, which is a lovely lucious blend of 50% tencel (wood pulp) wrapped around a 50% polyester core for strength. It feels cushy and almost velvety. It was intended for next winter but I ended up wearing it on Christmas Day as it was so cold! I can be fastened with a brooch or left to hang the way it is in this picture, either look good.

It's from the Patons Zhivago Resort Knits book of a year or so ago. An easy knit though the first five centimetres of the ribbing are fiddly as you are using much bigger needles than usual for the yarn and it feels clumsy.

It was impossible to get the colour right. It is really a dark charcoal-blue, but this is the best I could do with fiddling around the colour effects, etc. It came out looking rather light denim in the original picture, this is closer to the real colour.

It is symmetrical, it's just not hanging quite straight! Posted by Picasa

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