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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm an Idiot

And a moron, and complete dipstick... Guess what I did last night, I let Wombat's bath runneth over! And over, and over, and over... My weak excuse is that I was talking to George and he distracted me and made me forget, but that's a pathetic excuse really because i ought to have the brain cells to remember something like a running bath!

It flooded - the bathroom, the passageway outside the bathroom, half of Wombat's room, the family room and the first few feet of the loungeroom. The bathroom is tiled and just required a lot of mopping. The family room is slate and also required a lot of mopping, but unfortunately there was a lot of my sewing stuff on the floor waiting to be sorted out. Nothing lost, fortunately, but now it's all in the loungeroom waiting to be sorted out. We sucked up as much water from the carpets as possible with a Vax. Wombat's room had been needing a thorough going over for a LONG time, it was like a toxic waste dump, so it has at least given us the excuse to clear it totally, through half the rubbish out (it really is rubbish, broken bits of toys and things), and possibly even repaint it.

George called in some people to dry the carpets professionally, and then someone is going to replace the underlays in the affected areas. We aren't going to replace the carpets at this stage, they are ancient and horrible and the whole lot needs replacing, but not right now.

These lovely people, by the way, are the type who also clean up after dead bodies and things. Presumably some disgusting old wet carpet will not seem like much of a challenge to them!

All this at the end of a stinking hot day when I had spent hours running around on public transport to medical appointments, had my first fill into my lapband which involves a horse syringe being inserted into my abdominal wall and leaves you feeling like you have kicked by the horse just under the rubs, got dehydrated in the heat, and arrived home feeling exhausted and sore. Then I had to spend two hours mopping and Vaxing! (Everyone else helped too). Consequently the fill site still hurts today (I don't think that is supposed to happen, but neither are you expected to do two hours hard physical labour straight afterwards!) as does my back and joints.

And you have to go easy after a fill, so all I had to 'eat' last night was some chicken consomme (very yummy) and a low fat yoghurt this morning. In about an hour I am going to try some thicker vegie soup, and tonight I will try some pasta. If all that works it is back to 'normal' eating and hope that the weight loss continues! I saw someone today who I haven't seen for a month (who knows about the op) and she exclaimed 'You've lost so much weight since I last saw you!' I told her she was wonderful!


Sophie said...

Have you checked Downunderdale's blog today?? Perhaps you should, it should definitely brighten your day!

Jejune said...

Oh no, you poor thing! Don't be too hard on yourself - you'd had a pretty full on and painful day already, and the heat addles everyone's brains...

I still do that sort of 'fibro-fog' forgetting too (dinner cooking on the stove on HIGH when it should be simmering and NOT burning, or thinking 'I'll get the biscuits out of the oven in 2 minutes' and forgetting them entirely until they've burnt to a crisp, for example, I could go on...). I now use an electronic timer for just about everything that involves my remembering something important.

I even heard about a woman who had such bad fibro-fog that when she went to school to pick up her child, she forgot what they looked like and went home alone! So overflowing that bath isn't *that* bad, really :)

Sounds like Wombat's room will benefit from the exercise - my dotter's room is the same, don't know how she can stand to step foot in it at all...

Lynne said...

oh dear - we had a little flood a while ago and I discovered that the fridge is downhill from the wash trough (which overflowed cos someone had clagged up the drain with little bits of lint and umm oh yeah some fleece... oops).
Glad to hear you are still going ok from the op.

Erica said...

a 'fibro-fog'? is that what it's called, I have them all the time, I flooded the back yard with recycled washing machine water, but haven't attacked the house yet LOL - my husband says things like "just imagine if *I'd* done that!!"