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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Book Meme - Day 18

Day 18 - Favorite beginning scene in a book

I've wracked my brains but don't think I can come up with an all-time favorite.  But I do love this one:

From Markus Zusak's The Book Thief


First the colours.
   Then the humans.
   That's usually how I see things.
    Or at least, how I try.


You are going to die.

I am in all truthfulness attempting to be cheerful about this whole topic, though most  people find themselves hindered in believing me, no matter my protestations.  Please, trust me.  I most definitely can be cheerful.  I can be amiable.  Agreeable.  Affable.  And that's only the A's.  Just don't ask me to be nice.  Nice has nothing to do with me.


Another day at home with sick children.  Wombat is going back to school tomorrow.  At he is only allowed to go to Friday night Youth Group if he is at school on Friday, he usually feels better by then!  To be fair, if he is still genuinely sick by the Friday he usually accepts it with a good grace.  Baby Bear is being dragged to the doctor tomorrow.  Just as the doctor was closing for today she casually announced that she had looked at her tonsils and they looked awful.  She doesn't get tonsillitis very often but when she does, she is REALLY SICK.  This is particularly upsetting for her as we have tickets for West Side Story on Saturday.  She is determined to go no matter what, but I have explained that I will not sit in a theatre with her while she throws up into a bucket!  (Baby Bear - temperature - throwing up - regardless of precise nature of illness, this is just a given.  It rather took the shine off watching Neighbours with her yesterday, though many people might consider throwing up into a bucket the only possible way to watch Neighbours).

I have been valuing books.  A fascinating exercise!  Many are bread and butter books - I'll probably get $5 for them on Ebay, which is fine as there are hundreds if not thousands of them.  Some look rare and valuable and turn out to be worthless.  Some look boring or otherwise unprepossessing and turn out to be worth a lot more.

And knitting more kitchen towels.  I found three more lots of cotton yarn waiting to be used up.  


2paw said...

Oh I hope there is wellness at your house, it is sad to miss out on an outing.
Sometimes people on The Ebay really want a book and pay a lot of money for it!!

karen said...

I laughed at your neighbours comments but really, it's not that bad!! Hope everyone is feeling better by now, you seem to have more than your fair share for sure and my laundry pile is SLOWLY getting smaller!