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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Birthday Loot

I had a very gratifying umpty umpteenth birthday a couple of days ago.  Not a significant number, but a significant number minus one.

Loot was acquired.

George gave me this gorgeous pendant.  It is an early 20th century print encased in resin in a silver setting.  It may or may not be Ernest Shepherd, the jewellery assistant had no idea what George was talking about!  I love that this is a mixed media technique that I know a lot about, translated into high quality silver smithing.

The flash bounced really badly off this.  Wombat gave me Michael Palin's diaries from the Monty Python years.
 Baby Bear gave me this exciting account of the REAL Robinson Crusoe.  Someone pointed out to me that I have an eclectic taste in literature.  They are dead right!  And unbeknown to me, Baby Bear has joined the whole reuse and repurpose art thing.  Apparently some time ago she cut up all her Mr Men books from her babyhood and turned them into cards.  This is obviously the first one I have seen!
 I always buy myself a birthday present.  It was these two books.
 My mother-in-law bought me this apron at a country show recently.  Not because she thinks I need to spend more time in the kitchen, but because she knows I enjoy doing just that, and thought I ought to be more colourful when I do it.
One sister-in-law made me this gorgeous little bag out of Moda fabrics and hid this resin necklace in it.  I might use the bag for a sock knitting bag.
And George took me out for coffee.  Doesn't everyone eat chocolate mousse for breakfast on their birthday?  Bobby helped.  He thought it might be too much for me to manage on my own.

My mum gave me a gift card and my other SIL is recovering from food poisoning so is rather out of action at the moment.  All in all I had a lovely day and felt thoroughly spoilt.


2paw said...

What a lovely set of gifts, a nice mixture of purchased thoughtfulness and thoughtful crafting!! Glad you had a happy day!!
I have heard the Palin Diaries as a radio serial and they were very good!!

anita said...

Looks like you had a lovely birthday! I'm so glad.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Judy!!!

Jejune said...

What perfect pressies! I ADORE that necklace, and hope to see it in person one day :)

Thank goodness Bobby was there to help you eat your birthday breakfast mousse. Yum yum yum. I think that's a new birthday institution I should instigate at my house too!

Happy birthday, my friend :)

catdownunder said...

Happy Birthday - if a little belated!
The Palin was much enjoyed in our family. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.