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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blogtoberfest 27

Posted by PicasaI haven't done Creative Spaces for a while, but here is one:

I am knitting the Kimono Jacket on the left of the photo in very green Patons Sorrento, for once using a pattern written for the yarn I am using - unusual for me!  Sorrento is a nice blend of 62% viscose and 38% cotton and will be a nice summer cover-up.  Of course I won't finish it for ages but it's more about the knitting (and the colour!) than the finished object.  This comes in two versions, one long and one short, and of course I had knitted 15cm of the long version before I realised my mistake, and then realised that I couldn't really fix it because the stitch counts were different and that it would easier to start again.  Slowly.

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mrspao said...

That's a very pretty jacket