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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blogtoberfest 26

There is a Victorian Button Collectors' Club and they had an exhibition and market near my place last weekend.  It was fun.  Some buttons followed me home.  The pictures are not that great, apologies, I should have tried to do them in natural light without a flash, and I have not fully mastered the whole close-up thing with the new camera yet, but for what it's worth, these are the ones that followed me home:

Vintage Parisian thread buttons, and Czech glass buttons - both fairly immediately post-war according to their vendors, on the original cards.

The one on the top right is an American enamelled button from the turn of the century (the enamel is a bit chipped but in a charming way which adds to the pattern).  The top middle one is another enamelled one, possibly also American.  Then there is a shiny little one, provenance unknown but cute.  The bottom one may or may not be a Czech glass button of indeterminate vintage, I can't remember.  And the moustache thing is a vintage American belt buckle!!

A motley collection of pretty things, not particularly old and not necessarily even that unusual, but they caught my eye.

I described this to the vendor as a 'delightfully demented dog'.  It isn't old or expensive, but irresistable!

There were a few others as well but the pictures didn't work out well because they were shiny and the flash flashed too much off them.  In all it was a nice haul which will gradually work its way into embellishments of various sorts.  I had FUN.


Jan said...

I love those buttons. I have just unpacked some inherited buttons from Mum's things. Although, as Mum was not a sewer or indeed crafter of any sort, I think they may have come from my grandmother. Some hundreds will join the even larger quantity given me by friend whose mother was a dressmaker for many years. Almost too much choice, although several pairs of fingerless gloves benefited from this stash during the winter.

2paw said...

Good buttons are so hard to find and fancy there being a Button Fest!! They're so nice and I do love the demented dog!!

mrspao said...

Lovely buttons. I am very fond of them too