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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blogtoberfest 18

In the little Victorian town of Dunolly lies one of those great local museums that is crammed full of odds and ends of stuff that make you stop and read all sorts of things and, occasionally, think 'my mother-in-law has only just got of one of those'.  It is one of the gold mining towns of Victorian history, once thriving and now dusty and reliant on tourism.

As part of the 'Golden Triangle' of the area, it attracted many prospectors from all over the world, including some of my husband's ancestors.  On the whole they quickly gave up on prospecting, which was dirty and back-breaking and rarely successful (though the Welcome Stranger, the largest gold nugget ever found in the world, comes from there - there is a model of it in the museum), and went in for things like commerce.  Prospectors need food and drink and ... soap.  This soap label comes from what was once a thriving soap factory run by my husband's ancestors.  The slogan was 'Butterfly Soap, Flutter by dirt'.  This beautifully preserved label can also be seen in the Dunolly museum.


Jan said...

Love the marketing slogan. Better than a lot around today, thought up by highly paid ad men.

2paw said...

It's the whole Marmite but Pawill sense of humour. How wonderful to have that connection with the past.