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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blogtoberfest 15

I might as well remind people of the giveaway this month.  Here is what I wrote a week ago:

Now for the giveaway details. Every comment received this month will go into a special magic giveaway hat (well, the name of the commenter will!) and after the end of Blogtober I will get a completely disintered bystander (ie. my husband) to pull a name out of the sorting hat. Each time you comment your name will go in.

The giveaway is a Mazey Pretty Things fabric brooch - see my sidebars for my Made It and Etsy shops to give you an idea of what they are like. I will post to anywhere in the world with great delight.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Surprisingly no-one has noticed the typo, or at least been too polite to point it out.  My husband would like the world to know that he is completely disinterested (i.e. unbiased), not disintered.  He is NOT a zombie and I do NOT dig him up from the garden to draw blog giveaway winners!


2paw said...

It's like a cloze activity, my eyes sometimes see what I think should be there. Still, it's nice to know your husband is not a zombie!!

Jan said...

LOL! I usually see typos and selling mistakes from a mile away. Am a good speller but make typos. However, I was impressed someone used the right word "disinterested" rather than "uninterested" and didn't see the mistake. I've seen "uninterested" where it should be "disinterested" several times this week.

Don't get me started on "loose" v. "lose." Help!!

Jejune said...

Disintered sounds MUCH more interesting, though ;)