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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baldrick Speaking

As far as cunning plans go, call me Baldrick.

On December 30 I posted a list of things that I was going to try to do, one per month, to keep myself a bit more organised as far as creating stuff went.

I had chosen to try the overlocking one for January. Well, it is still cut out and waiting to be sewn. Or overlocked. However today I have spent an hour learning to thread the overlocker from scratch and now hope to get it done before the end of February!

On the other hand, I did get the first two page spread of my creative journalling done. I;'m not showing them at the moment, though I might at a later stage.

I did at least knit a pair of socks. For George. Deliberately non-matching because in the first ball of the Grignasco Strong Print yarn that I used (an Italian sock yarn I bought in Clegs) there were three knots, breaking the pattern up irretrievably. However the colours are fantastic and George loves them.

I might still try to do my February planned task - I had hoped to play with fusing glass. Or melting it. Or whatever I have the stuff to do with the microwave kiln. Both mastering the overlocker and playing with molten glass were things I really wanted to do when I had the house to myself. Well, the first two weeks of the new school year were not unlike most of the last school year - not one single day of having theplace to myself for one whole day. I only have the chance now because George has taken the kids down to Moe for some Nana time till tomorrow morning. If I can feel confident with using the overlocker by the time they come back, I should be able to make his nightshirt quite quickly.
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