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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friday Update

At last, after two months, an entire, wearable garment made on the tamed overlocker. I learned a lot making this. Now I can sew a balanced seam and do a rolled hem (though next time I might make the rolled hem wider. It isn't perfect (it's a nightshirt for George, so perfection is not exactly necessary). I made the stupid and elementary mistake of not trimming the hemline straight before I did it, so it dips slightly - that isn't just the way it's hung in the picture. I made a total hash of the neckband and had to recut a new one from scraps and redo it. It is still wonky on the inside seam, which I overlocked. Not a good move. I should have used the sewing machine for that. I did use the sewing machine to sew the band to the neckline, which worked well. I should have thought through that I have never been very good at V necklines and that doing it on an overlocker for the first time could be disasterous. Funnily enough I managed to apply it with the sewing machine perfectly, better than I have ever put in a v neckline before!

All in all I feel very happy with my effort. I learnt a lot about the overlocker and feel very confident about using it again and again. It has now become a proper member of the arsenal of tools I use for various tasks. Pity it took me two months, but I did set myself eleven challenges because I thought the wheels would fall off at some point - just not quite so quickly! And I said I would not stress over completing them, and I am not.

I also finished the two-page spread for my visual diary thing. Again I am not showing this month's. Off to work on next month.

I am still deciding which challenge to pick for March. And, in tune with my changeable nature and inability to make decisions, I may be changing some of the items on the list anyway!
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Karen S said...

The pics make it look like a blingy kaftan - is this REALLY what certain parties wear to bed??
If it IS a blingy kaftan, I'm jealous!!!