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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A sad and sorry dog

Sirius had to have surgery recently to remove some lumps. Three were benign, one was a soft tissue sarcoma. Having visited a vetenary oncologist, we are pleased to hear that she has an excellent prognosis and at the moment requires no treatment at all. If it grows back within six months she will need more surgery and radiation treatment, if it does not, then the chances of it growing back at all are infinitesimal. She does need to have some more lumps biopsied, however. She looks vert sad and sorry in this picture, taken a few hours after surgery - she could not keep her third eyelids in their proper places all day! She has healed beautifully, the fur is growing back, and she is a happy bouncy dog again.
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1 comment:

Bear Chick said...

Poor baby! They always look sad and confused when they have to use those things. But I'm glad to hear it's a good prognosis!