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Thursday, February 25, 2010

8 Things Thursday

8 Favorite Fictional Detectives

Lord Peter Whimsey (books only)
Inspector Morse (books and TV)
Inspector Montalbano (TV, have never read the books)
Kurt Wallander (books and Danish TV, though Kenneth Branagh is pretty good too)
Dr Temperence Brennan (books only)
Sherlock Holmes (in most incarnations)
Tom Barnaby (TV, never read the books)
Dalziell and Pascoe (TV, never read the books)


Bear Chick said...

Montalbano, we're opposites--love the books, have never seen the shows.

Temperance Brennan--haven't gotten to the books yet but love the series.

Karen S said...

Aw, what about Taggart, & the bloke in Waking the Dead?????