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Monday, February 15, 2010

Can I manage Daily Blogging?

Of course not. I can't do anything remotely optional daily. But I really love the posts on Bear Chick's blog, so much that I have shamelessly pinched her ideas and changed them. I will be attempting to do:

Monday Quote
Tuesday Artist
Wordless Wednesday
8 Things Thursday
Update Friday (update on my 'cunning plan')
Saturday Book Review
Creative Sunday.

And with no further ado - Favorite quote Monday - 'I once bit a man who didn't like Spinoza', Joyce Carey, The Horses's Mouth.

Follow-up on overlocker - getting there, getting there. George worked out that the upper knife wasn't engaging and has sorted that out. I;ve bought new needles today (between us we broke all the ones that came with it!) and will have another go after a restorative cup of tea.

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