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Friday, January 08, 2010

AIDS Jumpers

I have finally finished knitting six little AIDS jumpers. I have to say it is a boring pattern that takes longer than it looks, but uses up lots of scraps of 8ply and will, hopefully, do some good.

I checked up on them on the Net (because there was a minor computational error in the pattern I was given) and it says everywhere that no-one wants these little baby ones any more. But before anyone writes in to tell me this, I know, and these are going with a specific person to a specific orphanage somewhere in Southern Africa where they do specifically want this size (or any size, frankly).

Despite the pictures I only knitted six. One picture shows the fronts, the other the backs (for want of better descriptions; they do not, of course, have a front or a back).

Re New Years Resolutions - going well so far. I am progressing with the first double page spread of the creative journalling I have set myself. My project for the month is using my overlocker, and so far I have chosen and washed/dried a length of T shirting from my stash, searched through my patterns and gone out and bought an appropriate one, because George wants a nightshirt and I seem to have lost/thrown out the one I used for him twelve years ago, when I last made him some. Both on track to be finished by the end of the month.

I have added another, overall year resolution. That is to put much more effort into promoting and selling my textile art, and also to building up a modest second-hand book business on ebay. No real movement on either of those yet, though!

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Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi,you have been busy with the Aids jumpers!!
And I think I will also be brain wired by the end of this year.I do have the option of pulling back to one unit but Im hoping to give it a try at least.Therell be a study area set up so I can do hours here and there.Work finishes at 2pm and hopefully thatll give me an hour to do something before the boys get home etc.Theres also the odd time I can do some reading at work,tea breaks etc.Hubbys very happy about it but wants me to quit work and study full time and complete it in 2 years,cough cough,he wants to retire and me go to work as a teacher etc.Maybe I can talk him into doing more around the house to allow me to study????