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Friday, April 01, 2005

I Know I meant to Blog More Than Once a Month...

but things just got away with me recently. Easter was great, though it felt odd having it before the school holidays rather than in the middle of it. We went to George's mum's for a couple of days and hung out with the family and the family dogs. Sirius had a ball and wore herself out.

The Great Easter Bunny Hunt for the year went off brilliantly. It's a good place for it, as G's mum lives on a small bush property and there are lots of cunning hiding places. The kids were thrilled to find the trail finally finished with a proper rabbit scraping and pile of rabbit poo. I have visions of us still doing this when they are both grown up!

It's the last day of term today and Wombat is, true to form, sick. I really wondered if he was putting it on when he collapsed with a severe headache five minutes before we were due to leave, but I realised that he had a nasty sinus headache and it was genuine. Now it's after lunch and he is feeling much better after dosing with paracetamol and decongestants.

Unfortunately this meant I had to miss the Box Hill S'n'B meet that I wanted to go to, but hopefully at least two other people went along. I was going to teach Linda to knit socks but she is happy to wait till next term. It's an unpleasantly hot and windy day today so staying inside isn't such a bad thing, though. We might even swim later on in the hottest part of the day. I thought I'd had my last swim for the season about three weeks ago but today and tomorrow are both forecast to be 30C so the water might have warmed up enough for me to enter without dying of heart failure!!

On the needles - well, I finished knitting the pink cotton Summer Poncho over Easter though I haven't sewn the (very small) seam that is needed - I suspect it will be too small for me and will end up being worn by Baby Bear, who will look better in it than I ever would. Still working on the denim cotton shawl though not too much to go on it. Also still working on George's socks, which have taken forever this time because I have been doing too many other things.

Plus two other projects which will be revealed in good time!

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