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Monday, April 11, 2005

Hot hot hot

At least in Melbourne we always have a topic of conversation if we are stuck ... the weather. Unseasonably hot this weekend, more like midsummer, and rather unpleasant. I spent Saturday flaked out in front of the fan, knitting (on the project that cannot be named right now). George was running around with the kids taking them all over the countryside, and was exhausted when he got home. They all seem to have enjoyed themselves, though, which is good.

Yesterday felt like trial by stifling heat. We don't normally go to church during the school holidays, as there is no Sunday School. (OK, I don't got very often regardless!). But the minister was leaving and it was his farewell service and informal thingie afterwards, with lunch, so we rolled up. Well, it ranked up there with the pope's funeral and Charlie's wedding in terms of overcrowded and long. We got there twenty minutes early and still had to sit at the back of the foyer, rather than in the church itself. I reckon I'd have seen and heard more if I;d stayed at home and watched it on the telly (so to speak). It was incredibly hot, we couldn't really follow the service, and Wombat was having a bad morning. Not that I blame him, under the circumstances - I would have liked an excuse to behave the same way! I took him across the road for a cold drink for half an hour at one point, which helped a little bit. The service went for 90 minutes, which is about par for the course. Then the farewell bit - which went for another 90 minutes and was FAR TOO LONG. By the time we got to the lunch I;m surprised we didn;t all get food poisoning because it had been sitting out in the hall for an hour in the heat. (Actually I don;t feel too well today but I think that is a general reaction to the heat of the weekend and being far too tired).

Baby Bear had been playing in the Church Orchestra so had spent all that time, plus an hour's rehearsal beforehand, dressed in long black pants and a long sleeved white shirt - and then after a hasty lunch the orchestra had to race off to another gig. She was very hot and bothered by the end of it all!

I then sloped off to the local mall to chill out (literally, it is well air-conditioned!) and do the grocery shopping, among other things. Mostly I sat down and had a very long cold drink and read a beading magazine, then went and worked my way through pattern books at Lincraft. Anything to sit down! At least it was fairly cool. And the cool change had come through by the time George came to pick me up afterwards.

It's a lot cooler today. Much nicer. Baby Bear is out doing final rehearsals for the play she is in - rehearsal and costume fitting today, rehearsal and then dress rehearsal tomorrow, performances Wednesday night, Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon. She is a busy girl!! She spent the night with some friends last night and they apparently spent a lot of time recording each other on the computer and downloading songs. Sounds like fun. She assures me she has had enough sleep - I hope so!!! She's spent one night here this week, what with Moe and then last night's sleepover, but I got a chance to talk to her briefly this morning and she seems happy and relaxed.

I almost finished short-rowing the heel on George's sock - the second of the pair that it has taken me nearly four months to knit!

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