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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Prima Donna

Baby Bear has spent all day Monday, all day yesterday and then three hours last night rehearsing for the play, which opens tonight. She spent yet another night with our friends making props, but slept at home last night - wonders will never cease! But this morning she woke up overhyped and overtired and did a really good prima donna imitation for a couple of hours, which wound up Wombat to an unbearable degree, and they were at each other hammer and tongs for some time. Fortunately I eventually managed to separate and calm them, and then after she had had some breakfast and done some vacuuming (not as punishment, it's a weekly chore that I often do for her but decided it was time she did something round the house!) I let her go round to her friend E's place for the day. They are both in the play (in important roles - E always gets the ingenue, Baby Bear gets the character role) and probably both as bad as each other right now. But E's mother doesn't have an autistic child in the middle of it, as I do, so I figure will be better able to cope with them both being prima donnas than I would.

We're all going to the play tonight. Wombat should be OK, with some meds and his Gameboy - and he'll like the second half which has lots of circus acts in it.

I took him to see The Son of the Mask yesterday, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. He pointed out that it was like a cartoon, and he was right - it had a very similar feel to the old Loonie Tunes cartoons, plotwise and everything, and was a good laugh. Then we did some shopping - he wanted the Spongebob the Movie PC game, which he spent his pocket money on, and I bought the original three Star Wars movies on DVD, which we are working our way through not. (We only bought the DVD player just after Christmas, so buying DVVDs is still a bit of a novelty!!)

I photographed some dyed wool yesterday that I am going to put on Ebay but forgot to download the pics, so they are at the office with George. I love dying my homespun but haven't done any spinning for ages, so I decided to dye some commercial yarn that I had. Will post pics when I remember to download them. I LOVE dyeing, it is so much fun!

Steaming ahead on the sock that has been taking so long. And now to sit down and knit something which cannot be revealed yet.

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