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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Peace, Perfect Peace

George has taken Wombat down to Moe to pick up Baby Bear, who has been spending some quality time with Nana for a few days. Leaving me ALONE!!!! Can you hear me cheering!!! I did one of those Myer Briggs tests once and it confirmed my suspicions that I actually NEED time alone to recharge, that being with other people drains me of energy (no matter how much I like them and enjoy their company) - and I definitely need some time out after a week of school holidays. Not that I don't like my children or being with them - actually it was only Wombat for most of the week - but Wombat can be very exhausting. In fact that's the main reason why Baby Bear went down to Moe, because he had a very bad day on Monday and things were getting quite fraught. He's been OK for the rest of the week but rarely quite relaxed. A doctor's visit confirmed our recent thoughts that he might have had a chronic sinus infection for some months - he's now on antibiotics and hopefully that will whack anything nasty out of his system. (No, I don't support the indiscriminate use of antibiotics, but he hardly ever takes them and I know from experience that sometimes chronic infections really need this to get rid of them).

I took him to see Robots the other day - quite good fun, lots of cute background details and enough movie references to warrant taking a notebook and pencil along with you! I then somehow ending up being persuaded to by him a new pair of pajamas (Simpsons), a Gameboy game (Banjo Kazooie) and two new DVDs (The Incredibles and the Spongebob Squarepants movie) - it sounds awful, but anything to keep him happy. Yesterday he had a friend come round to play - this went very well for the first three hours but when R's dad was delayed coming to pick him up (waiting for a washing machine repairman, poor chap!) they both got increasingly bored with each other over the next hour and a half. When R finally left, poor Wombat had a nasty meltdown, which wasn't a lot of fun for either of us. He did calm down and I only have a few extra bruises, but I'm afraid I was quite glad to see the back of him later on! Mind you he phoned me when they got down there - he'd obviously slept on the journey - and hearing his sleepy little voice saying 'I love you Mummy' made my heart melt all over again. He should enjoy today, he likes going to Moe and then they are going to cousin D's dairy farm afterwards, and Wombat LOVES going there!

I had a gloriously slobby evening after they left. I put on some videos of stuff I'd recorded and watched an eclectic mix of programmes, which when I think about it pretty much covers the range of stuff I like to watch - a Real Crime programme, a documentary about the development of the English language, Jerimiah and CSI. I made some progress on a new knitting project that I cannot go into in case the intended recipient reads this blog, but although slow going (enough K2P2 ribbing to stretch around a football field!) it was peaceful and harmonious to knit - I use that word specifically because I am using, for my first time, Bendigo Knitting Mills Harmony (also known as Heirloom Breeze, if you buy it in the shops rather than direct from the mills) - what a fabulous yarn! It is a mixture of wool and cotton with some lycra in it, and it feels like heaven to knit with. It is soft and relaxing and I just love it. It knits up beautifully evenly and the finished fabric is just gorgeous.

I need to wash the floors (yuk!) and hang out some washing, then it's back to the knitting and a day of peace.


melissa said...

i have recently discovered some of the heirloom wools and have been so inpresse dwith the softness and how well they knit up .
nice little tip ,the bendigo mills harmony = heirloom breeze .
its always nice to know who makes what

Sheep Rustler said...

Hi Melissa, it's much cheaper to buy them from the Mill Shop (they don't have a web site but they do very efficient mail order) than to buy the branded Heirloom stuff. Of course the more exotic Heirloom stuff can't be got that way, usually, but otherwise i always buy from the mill shop. Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

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