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Friday, April 08, 2005

And this is a completely gratuitous shot of Sirius looking lazy and smug. Note the red under her nose - she is half Pharoah Hound and blushes when she is happy.


Rebekah said...

What a neat dog! You posted on my blog about lace, don't be scared by it, but do learn my mistake pick your needles and yarn carefully. The thing that has happened with me is the lace weight yarn I'm using is 1 ply, so it's not very strong as opposed to a 2 ply yarn such as what's available at, The 2 plys add a lot of strength to the project. Then my needles were crystal palace and the joins come apart easily, and catch the yarn, thus that would break the yarn easily. This project has just embedded in my mind the need to really look at my yarn and my needles carefully and make sure they are a good fit with each other.

Anonymous said...

Your photo of your dog made me smile. Wouldn't we all like to live a dogs life :0). My brother had a dog with the same name when he was a boy. Seeing another dog named the same brought back memories.
Darlene, in British Columbia, Canada