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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Diva diva!!

We all went along to Baby Bear's play the other night and she was magnificent! I know every parent thinks their child is the most talented and wonderful, but she really did bring the house down with her Scene 1 performance of a spoilt, punk princess. Very funny and scarily convincing! In the second half she had a much smaller role which she did well but wasn't a standout. It's a little community youth theatre group that makes sure that all the talented kids get a part that showcases their abilities, so as a general rule half of them get a starring role in the first half and the others in the second half. Other kids who are enthusiastic but not so talented get nice little bits in both halves. Everyone was excellent and the audience thoroughly enjoyed it. There were two matinee performances on subsequent days and now it is all over and done with until next year. That might leave her some time to practice those four instruments she plays (clarinet, flute, piano and viola), spend some time with the Church orchestra and the school concert band, and maybe join the Church youth band (she has been invited to join but hasn;t had time so far this year!!)

She and George are over at the primary school spreading mulch right now. Wombat is at his friend's place. Even the dog is out (also spreading mulch). Later on we have to go to the shops to get some scripts filled, have icecreams, and for me to check out a skirt that George wants to buy Baby Bear at Urban Angel. Then home to make a pavlova for tonight - big cousin L is coming over for dinner, a refugee from uni where he is living in college and they don't feed them on Saturday nights.

I just sat down to skein four balls of wool I dyed the other day. The intention was to put them on Ebay. I decided to dye them in the ball to see what happened, and wanted to skein them to show off the full range of colours. (This is commercial yarn that I was never going to use - four 50g balls of cream 5ply that I've had hanging around for years). As I started skeining I decided that the colours were so gorgeous that I was going to keep them and turn them into something for myself! I used turquoise and hot pink Landscape dyes and the result is a scrummy purple in different shades with spots of turquoise and fuschia here and there. Maybe a lace scarf or something. Definitely too gorgeous to sell! I will try to photograph them this weekend.

I escaped for the day yesterday. George took the day off work and I ran away. Actually I went to Chadstone (large shopping mall) and spent the day mooching around there. It was a good place for people watching - as it's the school holidays it was quite illuminating to watch the teenage mall rats and decide that my daughter is never going to look as tarty as that! I wandered around, considered buying some clothes and eventually bought two very fine cardigans (one pale pink ballerina style, one black with pretty floral embellishment), spent hours in Borders and bought some books on special and Belle Armoire magazine, wandered around some more and finally caught the bus back to our neighbourhood mall, where I did the supermarket shopping and was finally collected by my loving family in time to go home and cook dinner for them. (Which was frozen pizza and an apology for a salad - hey, it was my day off!) I was then too tired to do more than a few rows of ribbing on George's sock.

Looking back through this blog I seem to write a lot more about my family than ab0ut knitting. I guess I am not the fastest knitter, plus is seems boring to say 'I did another X rows on such-and-such a project today'. The truth is that knitting is what occupies most of my waking thoughts. I;ve always knitted, but I'm sure I;ve only got this obsessed over the last couple of years.

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