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Thursday, March 03, 2005


Technically it's autumn here now. That said, the first day that was technically autumn saw temperatures reach something like 34C, which was very uncomfortable. By lunchtime I needed to have a sleep - only I decided that it would be better for me to swim than sleep - exercise, which I badly need, and probably more refreshing. It was.

The weather is much nicer now, mild and sunny and pleasant. I'm sure there will be more hot spells in the next few weeks, though. I really hate the heat and by this time of year I am so looking forward to winter.

Wombat was sick all last week and spent the week at home. I caught it too - the worst cold I have had in three years. On Monday George said I should make Wombat do some schoolwork. I didn't because he had a temperature and was clearly quite unwell. On Tuesday I put some homeschool ideas into practice - to be precise, 'unschooling' - and it worked a treat. It was one of those perfect days that you get occasionally. We were both relaxed, and during the course of the day we discussed quantum mechanics, string theory, biology (how fish breathe through their gills and that humans have gills for the first few weeks of their existence in utero), Wombat read quite a lot to me, and for PE we practised interesting ways of getting to the bottom on the pool and swimming up again, and how far he could swim under water.

Then I got sick too and for the rest of the week he watched Simpsons DVDs!

Unfortunately he has been very resistant about going back to school this week. The last three mornings have been tricky dropping him off at school, though apparently he has had reasonably good days once he has settled. I'm glad to say that none of these occasions got me as stressed as they used to.

Baby Bear has a curriculum day tomorrow and we are heading into the city to catch some culture and Italian food (her choice). We are planning to take in some fashion exhibitions - Kylie Minogue; Akira Isogawa:Printemps – Été; and Flair: From salon to boutique, Australian fashion labels through the 60s. She also needs a new pair of jeans.

I am attempting to design something at the moment. I tried a couple of weeks ago to design a crocheted capelet using a Magic Ball I had created out of novelty yarns. After two tries I gave up in disgust. I gave it a break, got inspired by something a friend did, and started something different. I am now enjoying designing something else (which will be revealed in due course!) and hope to have an actual pattern written up out of it. It is going very well and restoring my faith in my abilities. Of course all the other projects on the go have been abandoned for the moment!

I have an Education Committee meeting at Wombat's school tonight. I find it hard to summon up enthusiasm right now but I had better go, it keeps me in touch with important elements of education there and in the past has given me opportunities to influence important sections of school policy.

I think I will knit on the train coming home from the city tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you're having a better week. Looking forward to seeing the mystery project once it's ready to be revealed.

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