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Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Update

I finished the bead embroidery! It was perfect to work on during the last three hot days when I couldn't face sock wool.

When I say finished, it isn't really. It isn't backed or turned into anything. I made it the right dimensions to make a cuff (with the addition of a clasp of course) but I don't think I would wear it and it isn't good enough to sell.

But it definitely brought back to me how much I love bead embroidery, and thanks to Freebird I have been reminded of, and encouraged to rejoin, the Bead Journal Project for next year. I had attempted it twice before, but both during the time I was studying, and I never finished it. The first time I joined in, which I think was the first year it ran, I only did about four months worth, and the following year I dropped out almost immediately. But now I have a real incentive to do it properly!

So watch this space.
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2paw said...

Fabulous beading, and you are right, it has been too hot for knitting. I haven't made a stitch but I did sew. It's nice to rediscover something you loved doing, and re-enjoying it. (pretty sure that's not a word!!)

karen said...

wow!! so many beads...

freebird said...

Good for you! Hope you just relax and enjoy each monthly piece for the BJP.

This looks very nice. If you don't want to use it for jewelry how about on the front of a journal cover? That would make a great place to record your progress with beadwork.

Bear Chick said...

I think it's gorgeous! Love the colors.