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Monday, November 29, 2010

Decluttering by Numbers Week 2

So here goes again.  Remembering that my main goal was for the Outs to exceed the Ins.  I also thought it might be a way for me to curb my spending!

3 x underwear for Baby Bear
2 x trashy magazines
1 x DVD (Toy Story 3) for the kids
1 x craft knife to replace the many that I own but cannot find!
1 x lime green nail polish (yes, for me!)
1 x craft magazine (subscription - actually I thought the sub had lapsed, I think they are trying to encourage me to resubscribe but I can't afford it)
1 x magazine from my old University College (subscription - a life-time one)
3 x pairs cheap and cheerful shoes (all on sale)
1 x DS game (pre-owned) for Womat
4 x food magazines
1 x DVD set (Dragonball Z Series 9) for Angus - late spending of birthday money
3 x CDs (Baby Bear)
2 x DVDs (Baby Bear - all of these five using her pocket money)
1 x craft magazine
1 x cook book

TOTAL   26

11x knitting booklets OP SHOP
1 x plastic chopping board that looked as though it had a skin disease BIN
3 x trashy magazines RECYCLING
I did over another two laundry shelves and chucked 4 x empty bottles that had been there for several years RECYCLING
and 9 x ancient dead things BIN
4 x pairs boy's shorts, outgrown OP SHOP
1 x cooking magazine with recipes torn out RECYCLING
3 x outgrown girl's clothes OP SHOP
1 x food magazine (duplicate) OP SHOP 
2 x CWA magazines (I get them when my MIL has finished with them) OP SHOP
135 x my father's old books OP SHOP (Yes, that does say 135!)

TOTAL  174

174 - 26 = 148

I'm very pleased with the overall number of Outs, even though in a way getting rid of those books is relatively easy.  However there are so many boxes of them (loads have already gone before I started this) and they make up a very major part of the clutter that needs dealing with, both physically and mentally, it is important to have the incentive to work through them, and to record it.

I am spending way too much money.  And this isn't even including Christmas present spending, though I am reducing that this year.

Now on to next week!!


2paw said...

Fabulous effort, wow 135!!! Good luck for next week, I am thinking I might have a bit of a go at this decluttering too. We'll see.....

Taphophile said...

Well done! That's a great effort. Good luck with less spending. ;)