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Monday, November 15, 2010

Decluttering by Numbers

Inspired by Taphophile I might try to do some decluttering of our hideously cluttered place of abode and hold myself to account for it.  Let's see long I can do this for!

I will post, on Mondays, what I have brought into and turfed out of the house.  I have set myself some rules.  As a lot of the current clutter is the crap from my father's place, that most definitely counts.  What does not count - consumables (food, drink, toiletries, cleaning products, medicines, and the sort of stationery that is bought to be used fairly promptly, like staples and printer paper).  (I am also excluding Christmas altogether from this list - both what I buy and then give as presents, and presents received.  That's just too hard). Also not counting stuff purchased by other family members off their own bat.  Or The Age, which we get home delivered, read and recycle (and the local paper, likewise). What does count - IN -clothing (for me, and also for other family members if I chose it and pay for it), books/magazines/other newspapers no matter how they arrive in the house (except for library books), stash items of any kind, any other STUFF that I acquire in any way. OUT - anything from the 'In' categories that goes out to (a) the rubbish/recycling if it cannot be used by someone else, (b) op shops or other charitable institutions if it can be used by someone else, (c) any gifts that I might make from stash items.

I am not setting myself a target, though I guess aiming to have OUT exceed IN would be good.  But it might help me to keep track of things.  So I am keeping count as of today, and will report weekly.

Repurposing may occur.  I will blog about it if it does, but it will not be included in the numbers.  Let's stick to a simple equation!

Oh, and when I list something as going to the op shop, what I actually mean is that it goes into a designated box or bag which, when full, goes to the op shop.  That's the way we have always done it, and the system works.

Wish me luck!


2paw said...

Wishing you luck. I wish I had the energy and determination to do the dame thing, but I always peter out.....

freebird said...

Good luck. I am doing some of that decluttering myself and have so far eliminated a LOT of books and some unused craft supplies. I have a long ways to go. Getting rid of more than comes in is definitely key or we'll be right back to overcluttered!

Taphophile said...

Welcome and good luck. It's easy, then hard, then addictive.