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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Saturday Sky

Actually the sunset is Friday sky but it's too pretty to be left out. That one was taken by Baby Bear last night on the roof (which is flat and fairly safe). The others I took on Saturday between 9am and 12pm as the weather slowly moved through. Baby Bear has been taking some stunning photos recently which I may feature because she is 100% better than me and shows so much talent in this area that I am blown away by some of her stuff. Being 13 though, she is brilliant but doesn;t quire understand the accolades - despite being told she is doing collages akin to Andy Warhols', she has to be reminded that she saw Andy Warhols at the Tate Gallery and other galleries when she was in nappies, and just who she is, even is she is doing work worthy of him! One of her collages to follow. i think she is more talented than me. I don;t know whether to be proud or disillusioned. On the whole I think PROUD!!!

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Sue H said...

Whoever takes the photo's, they all look great. I am NOT a photographer in any way shape or form, and there is now way I would know how to "manipulate" a photo once it is on the computer. I tried playing with a photo in paintshop and also in Adobe photoshop, but couldn't change or add anything. Not only not a photographer, but hopeless with PC too alas.