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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Treasures from the Embroiderers' Guild, Part 2

The Guild also buys representative modern embroidery. Going clockwise from top left : a piece from the 1990s by Pat Langford, Waving Grass at Jabaroo. You can't see it in the photo (BIG problems getting decent photos of textiles behind glass or in plastic sleeves!) by the tree trunks each have a line of tiny beads to make them look like bark. It is hand stitched in the main photo but there is a little ghost of machine embroidery around the edges and going into the mount (which is also fabric) of tree0like shapes; a pieve of beaded Berlin woolwork from the Victorian era, done with the most exquisite Czech glass seed beads of a type and qyality that you just can't get these days; a piece of cutwork table linen in beige done by Thelma Crawford, who was well known for using Australian designs in her embroideries (she sold kits as well, from a shop in the BLock Arcade) in the 1950s; a detail from a Victorian tea apron done with the new aniline dyed threads that were much brighter than older, natural dyed threads had been, done on fine black silk, and edged with machine made black lace.
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