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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vogue Knitting Grump

I like to boast that I can knit anything. Especially if it is written down in black and white AND charted. What's not to understand? Norah flippin' Gaughan's cabled capelet THING in Vogue Knitting Winter 2006/2007, that's what. I've knitted two of her other patterns before and they have turned out perfectly and I love her stuff. But for the life of me I cannot work out how to knit 34 stitches of the chart, five times, when there are 32 stitches in the chart! If I just knit an extra two from the chart each time there will be too many decreases (there are decreases at each end of the chart). Maybe I should just knit the size Large instead of X Large, that only needs 32 stitches, but I;m not sure that XLarge is going to quite fit as it is. The only thing I can think of is to add two extra knit stitches around the cable where they won't look stupid. But frankly, if I have gone to the trouble of buying a knitting publication, I don't want to have to strain an already strained brain by working this out for myself. And no there aren't any coorrections posted. There is a so-called tutorial that skips right over the actual knitting and just shows the making up, which is bleeding obvious from the written instruction.

Rant over. In foul mood because of bad night's sleep - certain little cherubs thought it would be funny to turn up the thermostat on my water bed and I spent the night poaching - and the fact that it is Wombat's Twlight Sports tonight, an occasion I loathe with a passion. It was so much easier when he was totally feral and had no social skills whatsoever and just refused to attend things like that. After all the work and therapy we have thrown at him he now desperately wants to go, but it always ends in tears (usually mine).

Edited to add - well, when I sat down, took a deep breathe and started to count stitches, it became apparent that the so-labelled 32 stitch graph actually was 34 stitches, as two of them were decreases on the first row, so all of that ranting could have been saved! I've knitted three rows of the first pentagon and it's easy as, now I;ve got that worked out!

Tomorrow, hopefully, a picture of an FO which is drying off at the moment and needs buttons sewn on.

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Taphophile said...

So glad you worked out the chart - I really want to make that thing and look forward to seeing yours.