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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Bag

I've just put this bag in my Etsy shop (see sidebar). Personally I think I was quite clever with this one! It's the legs of a pair of Wombat's cargo pants that he won't wear (sensory issues - despite the fabric having a lovely washed out feeling!) that I chopped off and turned into a two sectioned shoulder bag. And retained the cargo pockets on the outside, complete with stud fastenings, which are large enough to put things in. Sewing through so many layers of fabric was a minor challenge - I only broke one needle (and swore A LOT) and then sewed very slowly over the offending areas. Baby Bear wants it, so I hope that some other fashionable young thing with disposable income takes a fancy to it!

I'm currently making a more conventional little jeans bag out of the bum part of the pants. I;m going to embellish the front of it with a few doo-dads, just for fun.

Now for the grumpy of Glen Waverley bit - I was filling in the envelope for Wombat's school photos yesterday (bearing in mind that he is at a primary school, kids ranging in age from five to twelve). There was an option on the envelope to pay to HAVE THE PHOTOS RETOUCHED. For primary school kids! What sort of message are we sending to kids, for @#$%^&* sake! A school full of healthy, gorgeous, normal children (of all colours of the rainbow) and they are being sent this message! I shall be passing word along to the principal that I think this is grossly inappropriate. (Which is easy to do, being married tot he School Council President and actually being quite friendly with the principal!)
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Taphophile said...

The bag looks totally fabulous - clever you. :)

Years ago at Spotlight I picked up a tool called a "Jean-a-ma-jig" (sp?). It was big foot that attached to the sewing machine and raised everything up, making sewing several thicknesses of denim much easier.

I share your anger at the re-touching of kids' photos - appalling!

Sue H said...

Ah, the Glen. Not too far from me at all. I've been looking for an S'n'B in my area, but haven't come across one so in Frankston, but several people have indicated they'd like one in the Dandenong area so I'm looking into it for a Sunday afternoon.

Jejune said...

Retouching kids' photos? Totally INSANE. Hope your justified indignation gets some results.

I love the bag - very clever! I'm sure it will find a good home very quickly :)

My son has 'sensory issues' with clothes too (it's an Asperger's thing with him) - they have to be really soft. And don't get me started on his 'food texture issues'...