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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Preppy Jacket

This is, I think, called the Preppy Jacket, from Debbie Stoller's The Happy Hooker. I say I think, because the book and the jacket met a nasty accident recently. Baby Bear spilt a huge glass of milk while watching the little TV I usually sit and knit in front of. The milk went right through the combined VCR/DVD which was one month out of warranty, all over the crocheted back and fronts, and the 200g ball of Bendigo wool I was using, and the book. The VCR had to be replaced (because she didn't tell me what had happened, cleaned up cosmetically, but left it to sit in a puddle of milk underneath while I, assuming an electrical problem, turned it on and off several times until I fried the circuit board - or possibly poached it). The book had to be thrown out, except for the two pages I still needed, which I tore out and threw away as soon as I had finished with them. The 200g ball had to be skeined, washed and reballed, and the crocheted bits needed washing and blocking. However it is now finished, it doesn't smell of milk after two washes (the second to block it properly yesterday), and she replaced the VCR out of her pocket money. I didn;t make her replace the book, (though I did dock her the $30) because I didn't actually like it very much.

I am pleased with the jacket. I deliberately made it slightly too small, as I am shrinking out of clothes at an alarming rate at the moment and the last two cardigan I knitted (see December posts, I think) are already quite generous on me (fortunately they are appropriate for looking generous). So I can;t quite do it up gracefully without it straining across the bust at the moment, but then I rarely do up jackets or cardigans anyway so I might not bother even when I have lost some more weight.

I have trouble getting yarn colours to come out properly. Even with fiddling around, neither of those colours are quite right. It is a tweed yarn of green, blue and red mixed together but overall looks green, unlike the photos which make it look more blue.
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Jejune said...

Yeah, I have trouble getting some colours to look right in digital photos... the jacket turned out well regardless :)

Bugger about the milky DVD accident... these things ALWAYS happen just after the warranty runs out!

chocolatetrudi said...

The jacket looks great!

The blue-green colour range is the hardest to get right on a monitor - I cursed this a lot as a graphic designer.

I have that book, so let me know if you need any info from it.