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Monday, March 19, 2007

Two Pentagons with Nipples

These are the first two pentagons for the Norah Gaughan thingy. I believe that agressive blocking with ultimately remove the nipples but I think it looks priceless like this, like something a cave woman would wear on a cold day. The colour is pretty accurate (for once!), dark grey Bendigo wool with a pale blue fleck in it. I am enjoying knitting this.

However I now think I need to go and tatt an antimaccassar or something suitable nineteenth century. My household seems to have slipped through a timewarp. I just receivedc an overdue notice for the gas bill, which I was furious aboutb ecause I had actually paid it a day before its due date. So I rang up to complain. And because the gass account (andm ost of our accounts, come to think of it) are only in George's name, because he arranged them all while I was packing boxes and wrangling children, the little jobsworth at the other end of the phone was not authorised to speak to me on the issue. George happened to be working at home this morning so I handed the call over to him and this little #%&! ASKED HIM PERMISSION to put my name on the account too. OK, he earns the money, but I have paid all the bills and done all the banking for about three years now and I don;t think George would recognise the gas bill if he fell over it. I told the young man that now I knew why I did all my transactions electronically, so I didn't have to speak to people like him.


Off to knit more pentagons and try to soothe myself a little!
EDITED ON MARCH 27TH - I can't believe it, it just happened again! I got an overdue notice from Telstra for a bill that I had PAID ON THE DUE DATE and yet again they refuse to speak to me about it at all - and this time G is interstate so I can't even get him to talk to them about it so I can't even find out why I get an invoice dated eight days after I paid the bill saying that I haven't paid it. I'm so angry that I have steam coming out of my ears!!!
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Sue H said...

You sound like me when I encounter these sort of things. One pet peeve, I became a member of my footy club, was the only person in my household to hold a membership for over a year, then the next year hubby decided to join too. So what happened then? Well, ALL the mail was addressed to HIM. I rang the club to complain, and they said it was policy to mail stuff to the male of the household. I'm not a women's libber, but.......

chocolatetrudi said...

Lol! The cabled bolero bra is coming along nicely : )

Jejune said...

I've come across this sort of thing before too, many times (Telstra, electricity bills etc) - the latest was I bought a Loading Zone permit for MY business, paid for with a cheque in MY name, application filled out and signed by ME. But when the label arrived it was addressed to my husband, and when I called up the RTA to ask about it, they couldn't discuss ANYTHING about MY Loading Zone permit with me, as our car is registered in my husband's name. Aaaaargh!

It's too expensive to transfer registration details on the car - would cost heaps, as it's viewed as a sale by the ACT Government, something they can get tax from. We checked.

So our NEXT car will be in both our names - won't make that mistake again!

And on nicer things - love the pentagons - are they for that 'turtle shell' skirt?