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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Work in Progress

This is going to be on the front cover of one of my two folios for TAFE. It still needs handstitching - to give trunks to the trees (the green blobs) and to include a couple of dead trees. I'm quite pleased with it so far. The piecing went as hoped and the effect is pretty much what I was after. I was disappointed in the machine embroidery thread that I bought, at first - on the reel it looked as though it was in variagated shades of orange and purple, which was just what I wanted, but on close inspection that was an optical illusion and it was red and blue, and red and yellow. It still looks OK though and I managed the machining with only minor disasters (shredding the thread a couple of times, and discovering that machining at high speed over a pin breaks the needle - well duh!! I hope this gives an outback-type impression, as I was inspired by the paintings of Fred Williams, which I have long loved, and the way the trees float on his landscapes. I have some wonderful hand-embroidery threads which I will be using, either tonight or over the weekend. Posted by Picasa


Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi Thanks for your comment ,I have sent an Email(a bit big though) to continue conversation!
Your "school work" looks great!

chocolatetrudi said...

Wow, very arty indeed! I love seeing your projects. Don't forget to put up a pick when you've done the trees. I wanna see it when it's done!