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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Project Spectrum - May - Green

This reverse applique is this week's homework for TAFE. It is also the first time I have done reverse applique. I'm not sure that I am really pleased with this, the teacher asked us to bring glitzy fabrics even though they fray, and the bright green satin frays like mad and irritates me when I look at it. Plus the crystal organza was a pain as it was SO easy to cut through by mistake! I might use the technique again with nice, closely woven cottons (as the top layer of this was), but then again I doubt if it will ever become my favorite technique. Posted by Picasa

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celia said...


What is reverse applique?

I love all the textile-y pictures you post here. I don't sew much myself, but I sure like loking at others' work!