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Thursday, May 11, 2006

I is for Iridescence

OK, so this picture isn't technically iridescent, because that can't be captured properly using conventional (digital or otherwise) photography. But I played with the colours to brighten it up and I quite like this picture, and I have been in a funk over my ABC along pictures recently and I just have to break the cycle and get on with them!! Posted by Picasa

1 comment:

teri springer said...

Very cool.

Re: Baby Bear....sounds like my youngest.....he is so bored in school that he doesn't even try. Have you considered home schooling?? I know I couldn't when Joey was younger because I was working and often gone for a week at a time. Now that he is a teen he has no interest in being home schooled....but he is still bored.

BTW, Wombat and Baby Bear??? Love the names (I am particularly fond of the name Wombat as I love them......)