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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Reporting on my Yarn Diet, and other trifles ... mmm, trifle....

My yarn diet is going great guns. As explained in a previous post, this is a yarn diet with a difference, or a cop-out if you like. We can buy yarn on one day in each month. I have joined a sock of the month club and that is being my one purchase for the month at the moment. I received my sock wool in April, and that was my yarn purchase for the month. This month's hasn't arrived yet but I am sure it will during May, and that will be May's purchase. And likewise for June - I signed up for three months. I am not counting the sock stuff I got from Sockmonster (see my sidebars) because I had ordered it in March so it didn't come under the auspices of this yarn challenge (run by Rebekah of Knit Knack, again see my sidebar). I am proud to say that I haven't fallen off the wagon once, though it was a near thing a couple of times.

Wombat is off school yet again. He has had ongoing problems with his ears all term. This was the third syringing and the doctor said that any more problems and he will need to see a specialist. At least once the wax was flushed out, there was no sign of infection, which is good - last time, when it was in the other ear, there was infection under all the gunk. He has been rather fragile this week and so I have pulled him out of school for a couple of days. This means that I have not had one full day at home on my own for what will be four weeks come the end of this week - there has been a child at home or George working at home every single day, or else I have been at TAFE. It is driving me mad and I am threatening to move into the shed for some peace and quiet!

I have been working on my course work like a lunatic the last couple of weeks. I now have my folios 95% complete, ready to be checked over by tutors on Friday, and leaving me three weeks to finalise anything that is missing or wrong. (I know I am missing one large handout, and therefore haven't labelled two weeks work on one subject because I know the descriptions of all the exercises are on the handout). I have prepared the fabric for the reverse applique we are doing in class on Friday. I have revised my ideas for my two Major Projects. Heck, I've even made a start on one of them! Sewing and everything! As I will be stuck at home with Wombat all day tomorrow I hope to get that piece well advanced by the end of the day - it definitely won't be finished but I hope that enough will be done to make me feel that I have broken the back of it. Despite being shattered (I am also having a fibro flareup) I now feel that I will get everything finished in time and it will be all right - this time last week I had my doubts about that!

I might try to take some pics over the weekend.


Rebekah said...

Good job on the yarn diet, I must say mine seems to be going well too. So far I purchased yarn April 8 and May 22 and that's it. I think this is the best I've done in 4+ years!

Kylie said...

Congrats on your yarn diet, you have more will power than me.I hope everything returns to normal soon.

Taphophile said...

Here's hoping you get a day to yourself soon and that the fybro calms down soon, too. Your yarn diet success is something I can only dream of. Congrats. :)