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Thursday, September 01, 2011

My Creative Space

At the Surrealist Exhibition in Brisbane I bought some of those magnetic poetry word things.  I decided to set myself a project of doing a new poem on the fridge a couple of times a week.  I was going to do haikus but got confused about the syllables - hence the 7,5,7 effect.  And I decided that I like it so that is what I am going to stick to.  I will photograph each one and post them on my blog.  I am doing a mixture of random and planned - obviously because I want the syllables to work out, there has to be some choosing, but I also want the poems to be fairly Surreal in themselves.

Another hat.  It will be adorned with either a fabric brooch or a scrumble in due course. I might try to sell these when I have the collection done - still about three hats to go.  I haven't had much time or energy lately to do anything.  In fact I am currently off work for two day with galloping stress and exhaustion so hopefully will find some time to do some gentle crafting.

The next hat in production.  The baby picture has nothing to do with anything - I was reading New Idea or something while eating my lunch (idiotic, but sort of stress relief) and the knitting just fell like this.  Note new phone!  Have replaced Stupid Phone (TM) with Smart Phone, still working out how to drive the blasted thing.

I am sure that other people will have more exciting Creative Spaces than me!

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mrspao said...

Love your creative spaces!