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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding

On Sunday we went up to Bendigo to see the Wedding Dress exhibitions (one from the V&A, one Australian one).  It was fantabulous, but I can't show you any pictures.  Suffice it to say that it was full of frills and furbelows and white and cream and sparkly bits!  (And for anyone wondering, a furbelow is a ruffle !)  Even with corsets I wondered at how tiny many of the waists were.  And the shoes!  Women had very small feet in the past apparently, both in length and width.  But I suppose most people were, generally, smaller in the past than they are now.

I can show you gratuitous pictures of Bendigo as I continued to experiment with my new camera.  (Which is a Lumix of some point and shoot variety, for those interested in the details - anything else would be too technical for me!)

The Bendigo Rotary Club Gardens were full of spring blooms in the spring sunshine:

And the - maybe the Town Hall?  Or some other grand Victorian gold era building - was adorned with dragons and lions very handsomely.

That may have been the same building that housed the tourist information office and a little exhibition space where I enjoyed 'Raw ‘n’ Funky, Fine Art Fashions in Felt' and this charming tiled motif on the doorstep.

It was a nice day to top off a week off work.  A sort of relaxing week in which I finished hats (coming soon to a blog near you!), set up an Etsy shop (see side bar of a blog VERY NEAR YOU RIGHT NOW), watched several episodes of Quincy ME, and carted my children around to medical appointments.  Including Wombat, in an ambulance, to a casualty department.  He came off his bike rather hard.  In the end he was better off than the bike, which is having surgery at the moment, while he escaped with (nasty) scrapes and bruises.  Fortunately we have always insisted on them wearing helmets and I am very grateful that the depressed fracture in the helmet was not magnified into his skull.


2paw said...

Oh, I saw bits on TV and heard on the radio about the Dresses, I am so envious!! Your new camera takes great photos and obviously you are in charge of it!!
Congrats on the new shop. I shall visit anon.
Yes, helmets are very important. On boy in my class was wearing his helmet when a car ran over his head. And he was fine. Must have made your heart rate go up though, glad he's OK!!

Anonymous said...

I have travelled too much this year to add even a very tempting exhibition to the kms, but was interested to see your photos of the tiles, the lion and the dragons ... I have very similar photos. There could be a quilt design there somewhere.

Judy B