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Monday, September 19, 2011

Playing With the New Camera - my spring garden


2paw said...

Not only does your new camera take fabulous photos but your garden is so wonderful!!

Bear Chick said...

Lovely! Isn't it great to have such a good camera? We LOVE ours!

Jan said...

Lovely photos. What's the camera? I've never been one for details of photography but bought a Nikon D3100 just over three months ago. It's been steep learning curve for me.

I was surprised to see you have an almost identical photo to one I took of orange cliveas near main door of this apartment block. You can see mine in blogpost here

Have you heard of Project 365 where a photo a day is posted for a year? No real rules and if you miss, it's always possible to catch up later or just leave the date empty. No pressure.

mrspao said...

Lovely flowers! It is weird to think of you going into spring as we are heading for autumn